Friday, November 1, 2013


Recently, I was reflecting on the response that a friend gives when asked “How are you doing?” or “How are you?”  The usual response is, “Average.”  I don’t see this friend much anymore, but I think of that person often.  Why this particular thing came to mind, I couldn’t say.  But it made me think about how we, simply because we are human beings, are never average.  Not only do we have tremendous dignity in our humanity, but we are also here in this life for a reason, a purpose.  How can that be average?  What we do and say matters!  I think that is incredible! 

Considering that actions and words matter, then how we relate or respond to someone—in word or deed—often has an impact on someone else whom we may never meet.  For instance, if someone smiles at me, and I fail to return that smile, it may cause that person to wonder why.  Depending on their personal disposition, that may lead them to hold back a smile from the next person they meet….who might really benefit from a smile that day.   It probably goes without saying, but of course, a returned smile might have had an opposite effect.  The point is, my action affected someone whom I may never meet.  It could have affected them deeply.  I may never know. 
Today, many of us are celebrating the Feast of All Saints.  I pray that I live my life with the purpose of becoming a saint…in other words, becoming holy.  Not perfect.  Holy.  There is a difference.  In reading about the lives of the saints, one soon realizes that many were far from perfect—in fact, some led despicable lives at some point before turning their hearts toward holiness.  May we, together, strive toward holiness keeping in mind that we are all in this together and all of our actions, big and small, affect others...some, maybe many, whom we may never meet in this life.
May you be blessed.

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